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Friends and relatives service

At CLDF, we understand that the impact of childhood liver disease can be far-reaching.

You may want to understand a bit more about childhood liver disease and the specific condition affecting your friends’ or relative’s child, but do not want to bombard the family with lots of questions.

You may wish to give practical help - do not underestimate how helpful that can be.

If you are a friend or relative of a child with liver disease, the following CLDF resources are available to you.

Doing something worthwhile

Fundraising can be a very tangible way to show your support. You could mobilise work colleagues or friends to raise money so we can continue to provide services to families and fund vital research. Find out more about fundraising for CLDF or contact the fundraising team.

“When you receive a diagnosis like this, you enter a world of uncertainty and can feel quite helpless. Fundraising for CLDF means I know I’m doing something worthwhile not just for Alesha and my own family but for many others like us."
Linda - Grandparent of a child with liver disease.