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The Big Bear's Picnic

A great way to raise funds this summer

The summer is finally on its way and what better way to celebrate than holding your very own Big Bear's Picnic! Invite your friends, family or colleagues to bring their bears, get their paws on some tasty treats and have fun, all whilst supporting CLDF.

Inside or outside, at home or at work, a picnic or a party - grab your bears and show you care by raising funds for CLDF. We've got everything you need to make you picnic perfect below, and are here to help you as much as we can.

Had your picnic? We're bear-y excited to see all the fun you've had - send us your pictures here.

Ready, teddy, go...!

 Pick a date to get your friends, family or colleagues together. You could make your picnic part of another event like a BBQ, summer fayre or party
 Tell everyone about your picnic! Download your picnic invitations below and start sending them out. Don't forget to put up posters or share your event on social media using #TheBigBearsPicnic
 Paws for thought - make the most of your picnic by selling some Big Bear Bites (recipes below), hold your own Bear Hunt with our downloadable Big Bear Trail, and turn your honey into money by making your own collection pots to collect those all important donations on the day

 The Big Bear's Picnic

Bear Bite Recipes

Turn Your Honey Into Money

The Big Bear Trail

The Big Bear's Picnic Poster

The Big Bear's Picnic Certificate
The Big Bear's Picnic Invitations