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Remember us in your Will

Every day at least two children will be diagnosed with a life threatening liver disease. There are currently no cures and CLDF leads the fight to find answers and save lives.

Our research programme needs greater levels of funding for medical and social research projects to understand what causes these diseases, improve treatments and enhance young people’s quality of life.

By remembering CLDF in your Will you could make a real difference to the thousands of young people and families affected.

We hope the information and resources in this section will be helpful to you, but please get in touch, in confidence, if you have any questions at all.

You can have confidence that every penny will be well used in the fight against child liver disease.
Download CLDF's 'Resources for Will Writing' pack, containing sample wording, an estate calculator and glossary of terms. (PDF, 176KB).

Why I’m remembering CLDF in my Will

TomI’ve been involved in CLDF since 1997, when an old friend put me in touch with the charity. I had had no connection with childhood liver disease before then, but felt it was time to give something back, so I got involved as a trustee.

Since then, I have followed closely the development of the work and have always been impressed by the commitment of our people. Even though we are a small charity, CLDF really punches above its weight and has an influence far beyond its size. It’s a good example of how a smaller charity can make a real difference.

Looking back at the history of CLDF, I can see we have come a long way. For example, many children who 30 years ago would have died now live to enjoy adulthood. This is not all down to CLDF, but we have played our part, by funding research and promoting specialist centres for the UK.

Looking ahead, there is much more to do. We still do not understand the causes of childhood liver disease and we need to do more work on earlier detection and even prevention, to save families the trauma of liver disease. The Foundation also has a key role in being the voice for children, families and those adults diagnosed with a liver disease in childhood. We must not under-emphasise how important this role is.  It is another means by which we can influence change.

I believe CLDF will continue to have a role in kick starting new areas of research, which can lead to better understanding and treatments.

Of course, all this will cost money and so I want to support future research by remembering CLDF in my Will. I have talked to my family about this and will obviously provide for them, but I also want to support CLDF’s strategic role in addressing liver disease, as I know it can make a difference.

I also know the money will be well used, as CLDF is an excellent steward of its resources, as I have seen over the years. Leaving a legacy to charity can also save tax, which is attractive.

In 30 years’ time I hope the next generation will look back and say we achieved even more than we did in our first 30 years and that no child need die anymore because of liver disease. That’s my vision for this work.

I hope others will want to join me in remembering CLDF in their Will.
-Tom Ross

I know my gift will be used well

Jeremy SparkesMy working life as a funding advisor is about helping charities who want to improve the world and to make a difference to people’s lives. I have been doing this professionally for many years and I choose to work with smaller, less well known organisations that make a big impact.

Many people support the big name charities, especially in the medical field. Child liver disease, despite being more common than teenage cancer, is less well known but has an equally huge impact on families.

As a child I had whooping cough, which meant I missed a whole school term, holding back my education, and affecting the whole family. It’s not as serious as a liver disease but it did give me a real insight into the many effects that childhood illness can have. It is not just about being ill and I know that CLDF also addresses every aspect, such as the wider impact on the children, their siblings and the isolation that parents can feel.

I see a lot of charities and the vital work they do but, when making a decision about leaving a legacy, what I like about CLDF is that it really does get a quart out of the proverbial pint pot. Every penny is used to the full and I know my gift will be used well and have a real impact.

We don’t have any children ourselves so I hope that by leaving a gift for CLDF I will be helping other children to have a better life.

I was very much brought up with the notion of putting something back, so this has become my outlook and is something I can still achieve, even after I have gone.

Please will you join me in remembering CLDF in your Will?
-Jeremy Sparkes

To speak in confidence about remembering CLDF in your Will, please call CLDF on 0121 212 3839 or email