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Going on holiday

CLDF's leaflet, 'Going on Holiday' can help you prepare for going away, and gives some useful things to consider when taking out insurance. Download the leaflet, or request a copy to be sent to you.


We would encourage you to shop around for the best quotes for travel insurance as premiums can be very high. Below is a selection of travel insurers who specialise in pre-existing medical conditions.


Avanti Travel Insurance

Visit the website

Telephone 0800 888 6195

Manor Insurance

Visit the website

Telephone 0800 092 4939

Good 2 Go Insurance

Visit the website

Telephone 0330 024 9949

All Clear

Visit the website

Telephone 01708 339026

Direct Line

Visit the website

Telephone 0345 246 8704


Visit the website

Fish Insurance

Visit the website

Telephone 0333 331 3770

World First

Visit the website

Telephone 0345 90 80 161

Yellow Cross Carry Bag - A carry pack for prescribed medicines for children and adults; CLDF doesn’t endorse this product but recognises the value of keeping medicines separate and safe when travelling.

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