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Information packs

GP Practice Pack

GP Practice Packs are designed for you to supply to your GP surgery to inform them about childhood liver diseases such as alpha 1 antitrypsin deficiency, autoimmune disease and biliary atresia.

The pack contains leaflets on problems which can arise from having a liver condition, information on liver transplant, and also a leaflet on the patient’s specific condition if CLDF is made aware of it before the pack is sent.

The pack also contains information on Yellow Alert; CLDF’s prolonged jaundice in new born babies awareness campaign.

Request a CLDF GP Practice Pack here.

Education Pack

CLDF Education Pack

CLDF's Education Pack is designed to be given to a nursery, school or college to inform them about a child or young person’s liver condition. The pack contains general information about the liver and liver conditions, information on problems which can arise, and also information about the specific condition if CLDF is made aware of it before the pack is sent.

Request a CLDF Education Pack.

You can also receive a pack by email as the files have been reduced in size for speedy emailing.

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