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Transferring to adult services

Growing up brings about lots of changes. From moving to a new school, getting a part time job or moving to an adult hospital for liver care.

Dealing with these changes is a different experience for everyone. How well you and you child adjust will depend on lots of things, but you can help changes to go as smoothly as possible by being prepared.

Transition to adult services can be hard. You may well have got to know and developed trust with the paediatric team and you might be worried about believing the new team will do the right thing.

CLDF has a series of leaflets to help you guide your thinking and planning in preparation for moving to adult services. Ideally, they are best read before the move takes place so you are informed and maintain some sense of control. You can download the leaflets here.

CLDF's online community can also be a great way for parents and carers to share experiences on moving to adult services.

Take a look at Lucy's blog post on her experiences of moving to adult services.

For young people

Focus is CLDF's dedicated website for young people age 11+ living with a liver condition or transplant.

There is lots of information on the website, and young people can get in touch with our young people's officer to chat through any issues or worries they may have.



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