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Psychologist's Network

The psychologist’s network consists of 6 full time members from across the 3 paediatric liver centres in the UK. All members are psychologists who work with children with liver disease and are representatives of their centre. CLDF facilitates the meeting of the group at the CLDF office in Birmingham. The group meets to share best practice, discuss patient pathways and also supports CLDF with psychologist’s input when developing new resources for young people and their families.

Dr Kat Bilbrough

Kat Bilbrough is the sole psychologist working into the Paediatric Hepatology team in Leeds. She works closely with the Transitions Youth Worker, Anokh Goodman. Her role involves meeting with all the families who are undergoing the transplantation process and supporting any families and young people who are under the hepatology team both on the ward and when they go home. As well as working with individuals and families she is interested in the cognitive outcomes of children who are transplanted due to metabolic disorders, working with our team to further develop our transition pathway and is at the very early stages of a piece of research into the use of social media in parental coping.

Dr Jacqueline Blyth

Jacqueline is the lead transplant psychologist at the Birmingham Children’s Hospital where she has worked for 15 (!) years. In addition to conducting pre and post-transplant assessments, Jacqueline’s special interests are in the role of attachment in children with long term medical conditions; cognitive outcomes and educational needs in children with liver disease; and the neuropsychological assessment of children with suspected encephalopathy. Jacqueline has always worked closely with the CLDF and provided specific psychological input to the teenage literature series.

Dr Louise Clegg

Louise joined the Liver Clinical Psychology service at King’s in 2012, and specialises in working with younger children and their families. She also works in the gastroenterology and small bowel transplant services. During her doctorate, Louise conducted research into how parents make sense of their experience of their child receiving a diagnosis, the interest in which led her to doing further training in narrative therapy. She has particular interests in helping children and families to construct meaning out of their experiences and improving their experiences of procedures and treatments. 

Dr Victoria Hobday

Victoria is a Clinical Psychologist and has worked at Birmingham Children’s Hospital since October 2014.  With a link role to the liver team, Victoria completes pre and post-transplant assessments and offers psychological support to young people and families cared for by the liver team on an inpatient and outpatient basis. Other areas of interest for Victoria include Mindfulness based approaches and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT).


Dr Rob Jobe

Dr Rob Jobe is as a Clinical Psychologist who has worked at Birmingham Children’s Hospital (BCH) for the past three years. He is one of three psychologists that are linked to the Liver Unit at BCH. In his work with the Liver Unit he’s involved with inpatient and outpatients; this includes a range of things from conducting transplant assessments to supporting adolescent patients in transition into adult services. His main clinical interest is working with patients and their families from a systemic perspective; having completed two years of Family Therapy training he’s a qualified ‘systemic practitioner’ as recognised by the Association of Family Therapy (AFT).

Dr Lucie Kanfiszer

Lucie joined the service in 2014 as a Trainee Clinical Psychologist and upon qualifying was thrilled to return to cover Louise’s maternity leave. She has a particular interest in developing group approaches to support children and families, with two new groups planned for the new year. She is also developing age-appropriate resources to help children make sense of their transplant journey.

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