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Home News AMRC report: Making a difference

AMRC report: Making a difference


The Association of Medical Research Charities (AMRC) has published a new report providing a snapshot of the impact charity-funded research has.

AMRC is the national membership organisation of leading medical and health research charities in the UK. Collectively, AMRC members (including CLDF) contribute over one third of all publicly-funded medical research in the UK.

Data from 40 AMRC member charities has been analysed to show how research has:

  • generated new knowledge
  • translated ideas into new products and services
  • influenced government policy
  • developed researchers
  • stimulated further funding and partnerships.

 5 areas of research impact

Since Children’s Liver Disease Foundation was formed we have invested over £9 million into research projects and we plan to fund even more projects in the future.

Your donations allow CLDF to support vital research projects which provide fresh insight into childhood liver diseases and have the potential to transform the lives of children diagnosed with a rare condition.