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Home News Stark increase in overweight children in the UK

Stark increase in overweight children in the UK


CLDF is highly concerned to see the today’s news report showing a stark increase in the proportion of children who are overweight.

Analysis of 12,000 children taking part in the Millenium Cohort Study at University College London has revealed that 25% were overweight or obese by the age of seven, rising to 35% at 11.

"Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is affecting more children and young people than ever before and is now the most common liver condition affecting children and young people in the UK" says Chief Executive, Alison Taylor. "Whilst not a direct cause, obesity is a key risk factor for developing NAFLD so the news that over a third of all young people are now overweight or obese is a cause for huge concern. The time for action to halt and reverse these trends is now. This represents an urgent alarm call for public health policy and government action. We are standing by while a public health disaster unfolds".

The majority of childhood liver diseases cannot be prevented as the causes are genetic or not known but where it can be prevented we should be doing all we can to be part of the solution.

CLDF is committed to campaigning for change which will reduce the risk of children developing liver disease and as such is part of the Obesity Health Alliance (OHA). The alliance was formed in 2015 to support policy-making decisions to tackle the social, economic and cultural factors that contribute to obesity.

Full details of today’s news report can be seen here.