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Home News Sugar Tax details announced

Sugar Tax details announced


Children’s Liver Disease Foundation (CLDF) is pleased to hear that the chancellor has announced details of the new sugar tax in today’s statement in an effort to tackle obesity levels in the UK. Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is affecting more children and young people than ever before due to increasing obesity levels. It is now the most common liver condition affecting children and young people in the UK with up to 10% of those under 18 being affected. Whilst not a direct cause, obesity is a key risk factor for developing NAFLD.

From April 2018 soft drinks which have more than five grams of sugar in each 100ml will be taxed 18p per litre and those with more than eight grams in each 100ml will be taxed 24p per litre. The money raised from the sugar tax will fund extra sports activities for children in UK schools.

Alison Taylor, CLDF chief executive says “This is a brilliant first step toward improving the health of children and young people by using policy as a tool for change. We hope that the sugar tax will prompt the government to develop further policy which will deal with increasing childhood obesity levels. We know how stretched resources are across the health sector and where liver disease in children can be prevented we should be doing all we can to be part of the solution. The emerging epidemic of childhood obesity indicates that rates will only increase unless action is taken now”.

CLDF is committed to campaigning for change which will reduce the risk of children developing liver disease and we are pleased to announce that this week CLDF joined the Obesity Health Alliance (OHA). The alliance was formed in 2015 to support policy-making decisions to tackle the social, economic and cultural factors that contribute to obesity.

CLDF will work with other members of the OHA including The British Liver Trust, The British Heart Foundation and The Institute of Health Visiting to share insight and expertise, develop and advocate evidence-based policy recommendations and influence decision makers and the media to tackle obesity in order to reduce the impact of preventable NAFLD on children and young people.