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CLDF’s trustees provide a non-executive oversight of all the charity’s activities, contributing to the development of its strategy and future vision. They also ensure that CLDF’s policies and practices are in keeping with its aims and that it adheres to the legal and financial requirements of a charitable organisation.

Children's Liver Disease Foundation is indebted to its trustees:

Tom Ross OBE (Chairman)

Tom Ross, Chairman

I became a trustee of CLDF in 1997 after I bumped into my predecessor as chairman, David Bullough. David suggested that it might be time for me to ‘put something back’ by becoming a CLDF trustee and on reflection, I agreed.

My working life has been spent as an actuary, specialising in pensions. I retired from Aon Consulting at the end of 2005, having spent almost 30 years with the firm and its predecessors. I am currently Chairman of the Trustee Board of the Smiths Industries Pension Scheme.

In a charity, the role of a Trustee goes beyond strategy and oversight to providing support and advice to those who work for it. In my case, my business experience is useful in fundraising – a vital function in any charity – and in helping the Chief Executive to judge and manage the risks that the charity faces. There will never be enough resources to do everything that CLDF would wish to do, so striking the right balance between family support, education/information and research is essential. I think that my varied past experience is helpful here.

Over the past few years, my own family has had to deal with the challenges of a grand- daughter being born with some serious abnormalities (none of them liver-related). She is doing really well now, but the experience certainly helped me to gain a better understanding of the issues that CLDF families face every day.

Now more than semi-retired, I enjoy having more time for golf, horse racing, gardening and grandchildren.

Georgina Sugden

Georgina Sugden

I was born in 1981 and was soon diagnosed with biliary atresia. 

I feel very fortunate for my Kasai operation to have worked so well, meaning that I live a normal healthy life and just have regular check-ups at Kings College Hospital.  As someone who has been at the receiving end of the invaluable work that CLDF does, I have been inspired to both raise awareness and funds for them.

CLDF asked me to be a trustee in 2012 and I was honoured to accept.  To the board, I hope to bring the unique outlook of a 'patient' which will ensure that the charity is making those important decisions with us in mind

Mairi Everard

Mairi Everard

I became a CLDF trustee because of a sturdy belief in what the charity stands for, and the work that it does in supporting young people and families.

I have an MA in History from Glasgow University, and an MSc in Social Work from London School of Economics.

From 1971 - 2000 I worked as a social worker specialising in child care and child protection. Since 2001, I have been working with charities in managing family support services for children with disabilities across the UK.

I believe that through funding research and because of its standing and recognition in the sector, CLDF will continue to make a positive contribution.

David Tildesley

David TildesleyI first became involved with CLDF when my daughter Elizabeth was diagnosed with biliary atresia back in 1997. After many years of being in contact with the charity and being involved in fundraising, I joined the Trustee board in 2009.

I graduated from Manchester University before undertaking post-graduate studies at London University with an award from the British Academy. I am a director at Capita Employee benefits where I head the teams focused on enhancing Capita's relationship with clients and the development of new business opportunities. I also work as part of the team at the Pension Income Choice Association and am a passionate advocate of employee financial education.

When time permits, I enjoy golf, tennis and a leisurely read with a good glass of claret.

Nick Budd

Kellie Charge

Professor John Iredale

Theresa Martin

Karen Redgate


Send an email to the trustees.

Trustees attend three formal meetings per year and are expected to support CLDF activities such as the National Conference and Family Day and major fundraising events.

CLDF looks for a broad range of skills among its trustees.

We need:
  • People with an understanding of the needs of patients and families
  • People with senior business perspective and a good network to bring in more support to the charity
  • People with specific skills such as HR, sales or marketing and delivering services and products connected to CLDF’s objectives
  • People with enthusiasm who will engage with the vision, mission and values of CLDF
  • People who will be able to take part in training sessions provided for the benefit of the trustees.

Do you have a keen interest in CLDF’s activities and believe you could make a positive contribution to the board?