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Vision, Mission and Core Values

CLDF's 30th birthday cake


Our vision is that childhood liver diseases will be understood, prevented and treated effectively, ensuring that babies, children, young people, their families and adults diagnosed in childhood achieve their full potential.

Children’s Liver Disease Foundation fights childhood liver disease by:


It provides young people and their families with tailored services:


CLDF’s mission is to be the voice for babies, children, young people and their families and adults diagnosed in childhood ensuring that childhood liver diseases are understood, prevented and outcomes optimised through excellent research, effective information and emotional support.


CLDF acts professionally and ethically with all stakeholders; young people with a liver disease, their families, medical professionals involved in treating young people with liver diseases and the public at large. CLDF treats all young people with liver disease and their family with dignity, respect and compassion.

CLDF cares for the whole family.

CLDF provides a high quality, professional and confidential emotional support service.

CLDF acts in a professional and business-like manner and adheres to relevant professional codes of conduct as indicated by the Charity Commission, the Association of Medical Research Charities and Institute of Fundraising.

CLDF will encourage opportunities for joint activities with other organisations, charitable or otherwise, provided they meet with the overall objectives of the Foundation and do not contravene any other core value or belief.