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Volunteer Roles

CLDF are lucky enough to work with lots of amazing, dedicated supporters across the UK who volunteer their time to help take action against the effects of childhood liver disease.  There are plenty of ways you too can get involved from fundraising to raising awareness, a one-off occasion or a regular commitment.

Volunteering is a fantastic way of gaining experience, meeting new people and giving something back. Our volunteers make such a difference to the work that we are able to do, so if you are keen to support us then we would love to hear from you.  For more information, please contact a member of the team on 0121 212 3839 or complete the form below:


Maureen and Margaret“I first heard about CLDF when my son Chris became ill and he was diagnosed with Wilson’s, a rare childhood liver disease. A couple of years later I began volunteering in the CLDF office – 23 years later, I’m still here!  I do a wide range of admin jobs and really enjoy it! I get real satisfaction from helping other families. Ours was lucky, 23 years on Chris is doing great.”

- Margaret, Office Volunteer


Hive AmbassadorsOur Hive Ambassadors are trained peer mentors aged 16-25 with a liver disease, who volunteer their time to support others on our social media platform. Zainab is one of our ambassadors, who also helps out in the office and at clinics. "CLDF has changed my life - I lost all my confidence before volunteering, but having worked in a team I’ve gained a lot including some amazing new skills."