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BBC Radio 4 Appeal

In August 2016, Children’s Liver Disease Foundation was delighted to be a charity beneficiary of a BBC Radio 4 Charity Appeal.

The charity appeal was recorded with Louise Tubman, mum to Sophie who has the rare liver disease biliary atresia. More details about the appeal, how to donate and to listen online can be found on the BBC Radio 4 website.

Listen to Louise telling us why Children's Liver Disease Foundation is so important to her:

Louise and Sophie

We are delighted that Louise presented  the appeal on behalf of Children’s Liver Disease Foundation, giving listeners a real first-hand insight into the worry and uncertainty which comes when you are told your child has a liver disease.

“When I had my twins, Sophie and Megan, complete strangers would come up to admire them. Sometimes, though, people would ask why one was bigger than another or why one baby was pink and the other yellow. I didn’t like that. Because it was true.”

Sophie was diagnosed with biliary atresia at just a few weeks old and required immediate surgery. Unfortunately with childhood liver disease, early intervention is crucial and she had been diagnosed too late. Luckily, Sophie received a life-saving transplant when she was three.

Promoting early detection

Early diagnosis saves lives. Babies who have prolonged jaundice, like Sophie, must be referred for a blood test to rule out potentially life threatening liver disease.

Our Yellow Alert campaign helps parents and health professionals spot the vital signs of liver disease in babies.

Baby Sophie’s jaundice (left) is highlighted by her sister’s healthy colour

There when families need us most

Being told that your child has a rare and incurable disease is a shocking and upsetting experience, and one which affects the whole family. Our support team are available to families in hospital, over the phone, on social media and at family events. We listen, we understand, we provide clear information and help families to help each other.

Find out if we are holding an event near you.

Children’s Liver Disease Foundation’s events are about bringing families together and having fun.

Supporting young people

Because childhood liver disease is rare, growing up with a liver condition can be an isolating experience. Young people may have to spend long periods away from school, can suffer bullying as a consequence of their illness and are not able to take part in some of the norms of youth culture.

Children’s Liver Disease Foundation provides young people with exciting new experiences. From building their own shelters to tackling a high ropes course or making a film telling their own story, our events for young people build confidence, teach new skills and help develop vital peer support. Our young people emerge with new friends knowing that their liver disease does not define them.

Young people taking part in one of Children’s Liver Disease Foundation’s residential projects.

More details about the appeal, how to donate and to listen online can be found on the BBC Radio 4 website.