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researchSupporting research into childhood liver disease is a vital area of CLDF’s work. It not only enhances understanding and improves treatments, but also gives young people and their families hope for a better future.

CLDF supports a wide range of projects, including clinical and laboratory-based research, lately moving into social research which looks at topics such as how to improve quality of life.

CLDF has a strong track record, with over £8m of research funding delivered since inception in 1980. Most of this money has been donated by families, friends, relatives and other supporters and it is essential that our research programme continues.

Find out about CLDF's Current Research Projects here

If you would like to support this essential element of our work, please consider making a regular monthly contribution towards our programme.

View a list of research grants CLDF has awarded since inception in 1980.

Research using animals

CLDF supports the principle of using animals in research when it is necessary to advance the understanding of childhood liver disease and when there is no alternative that can be used to find the same information without using animals. We use expert peer review to ensure that we fund only high quality research where the benefits to human health outweigh any harm to animals.

CLDF is a member of the Association of Medical Research Charities and supports the AMRC statement on animal research.