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Young people's services

CLDF Focus websiteCLDF has events, literature and support specially for young people age 11 to 25 who have a childhood liver disease or who have had a transplant.

Visit to find out more about our full range of services for young people, event details, FAQs and videos.

Meeting and sharing

Getting together with other young people is a great way to share experiences. We've created a social network like Facebook but it's just for young people who have a childhood liver disease - sign up and join Hive to meet others who understand how it feels to have a liver condition. We also host a range of events from residentials to one day workshops, fun days and bowling.

You can also read other young people’s stories to see how they’ve tackled different issues and read their tips and advice.

CaraghCaragh is 18 and has biliary atresia. She received a liver transplant when she was two years old

"The best thing CLDF have done for me is build up my confidence. It's easy to lose that when you've spent loads of time in hospital

"They have always been there for me and it's good to know they are only a phone call away.

"It's not just the support team - I have also made some really good friends through CLDF. It's important to have people around you who understand you but CLDF friends take understanding to another level!"

Living with liver disease

We have lots of information to help young people who are growing up with a liver disease.

From financial support to going to university, moving to adult services and making the most of your appointments and lots more. Take a look here.

MichaelMichael, 17, has biliary atresia

"I always felt different. I hated being the person with the liver disease. Friends were sympathetic but I just wanted to be the same as everyone else.

"When I was 13 I went on CLDF's Closer to the Edge and that changed everything. For the first time I was doing outdoor stuff with a bunch of other people just like me. At night we all sat round the camp fire and told our own liver stories but nobody was moaning or self-pitying - people were laughing. That changed my perspective. I didn't just come back with new friends, I had a new attitude.

I have met loads of new people through CLDF. Yes we all have our liver problems but it's not what we're all about."

We’d love to hear from you

For more information on CLDF’s services for young people and young adults, or if you’d just like a chat, contact CLDF’s young people's officer.

At CLDF, we support young people at clinics, CLDF events, by phone and Skype – both group and one to one. We also work with young people to develop new projects, services and literature. Our support is available to brothers and sisters too.

Contact the Young People's Officer here | Follow on Facebook

Add the Young People's Team on Skype - youngpeople.CLDF


Gemma, who is 16 has sclerosing cholangitis

"CLDF has opened me up to a community of people who are loving and caring and help me cope with what life throws at me.

"It's not just the fact that the team themselves are there for me on the end of the phone or at the events they run. They have introduced me to lovely people who have helped me a great deal and who I now consider my close friends."