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My choledochal cyst story

Written by Anonymous on 14/02/2017 10:37

Because it is February, and this is the month where we raise awareness about choledochal cysts, I am going to share my story with you. I was a bit nervous about writing this but I thought I should since it may help people.

Now, I have cyclic vomiting syndrome, but I guess I have it to a lesser extent because I don't vomit after I cry. Or even if I feel intense emotions. I did not always vomit when I had an infection. I did not have motion sickness. Nor was my vomiting caused by my eating habits, neither physical exhaustion or sleep deprivation. Yet I still vomited sometimes, and that caused me to go to the hospital so according to that I had cyclic vomiting syndrome.

So, a few years later I had pancreatitis which was very painful, and was misdiagnosed so many times. Because of that, I was referred to King's, and they did an MRI scan and found that my bile duct was bigger (a lot bigger) than it needs to be. That solved it. I did not have cyclic vomiting syndrome. I had a choledochal cyst.

A choledochal cyst is an anomaly in the bile duct. So after that, I had to have an operation to get my bile duct and my gall bladder out. For a few days after the operation, I couldn't eat anything, which was sad, because you get good food at King's and I was in a bay, so I had to look at/hear all of it.

That made me eat a bit too heavily when I could eat, but eventually, I settled down for lighter options.

The care at King's was great, you could play on the Wii (but that made my stomach hurt, because I kept on laughing because the multiplayer games were funny). As I said, there was great food. (So great, they should perhaps put restrictions on some), and they were very kind to me.

Right now it has been about four years, and I have not vomited at all, which is good and overall I have not visited the hospital at all (apart from regular check-ups).

So the moral of the story is, that if your symptoms do not quite add up or fit you, no matter what it is, you should get to the bottom of it, even if you have to fight with doctors, because you will not regret it at all, and it is about your health, and your health is important. Trust your gut instinct.