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Producing CLDF Health Information

Written by Aisling, CLDF Health & Research Information Manager on 04/07/2017 12:29

The Information Standard

It’s only natural for parents who find out their child has a liver condition to go online and find out as much as they can. It can, however, be difficult to know if what they are reading can be trusted, whether it is evidence based and how up to date it is. In order to help patients and families determine whether information is trustworthy and has been produced using rigorous guidelines, NHS England has set up The Information Standard.

The Information Standard is a set of principles which an organisation’s health information must adhere to in order for the information to carry The Information Standard’s logo.

Information Standard

If you see this logo on a website or leaflet it means it is information you can trust.



CLDF’s health information is currently being updated using Information Standard guidelines to ensure that everything we produce is: accurate; up to date; clear and led by patients and families. You will start to see the Information Standard kite mark more and more as our leaflets are reviewed.

Producing CLDF’s Health Information

CLDF produces health information using a rigorous process in conjunction with the three specialist paediatric liver centres based in Birmingham, London and Leeds. New leaflets are reviewed by clinical nurse specialists from each centre as well as a minimum of one consultant. Depending on the content of the leaflet other healthcare professionals such as play specialists, psychologists and dieticians may be involved at the writing and/or reviewing stage. New information is also reviewed by the Information Review Panel, a panel of parents, young people, family members and the general public who ensure that what we say is accessible and relevant.

If you would like to find out more about how CLDF produces information or you would like to join CLDF’s Information Review Panel and review new leaflets, contact