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Isabella's transplant story

Written by John on 08/09/2017 11:32

To help raise awareness in Organ Donation Week 2017, John kindly shared his daughter Isabella's story...

My daughter Isabella was diagnosed with biliary atresia at six weeks old, and placed on the transplant list at around eight months old.

When we were told about the living donor programme we agreed straight away. Having been told I was a match it was wonderful to know we could do something and that it was in our hands to help her.

She had a few issues but is now 10 years old and has been in good health for some time, although she still gets itchiness and some infections. Organ donation is so important – we would love to make donorship compulsory or opt out!

A few words now can make an extraordinary difference. Tell your family how you feel about organ donation this Organ Donation Week. Find out more on the NHS Organ Donation website.