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Your tips for taking medication

Written by CLDF on 17/10/2017 15:27

Being affected by childhood liver disease, medication is just part of the daily routine for many children and their families. It’s not always easy getting little ones to take their medication, so our community shared their top tips about how they cope.

Thank you to all the parents and young people who shared their experiences and advice.

What do you use to help the medication go down?

Sometimes the biggest element putting children off taking their medication is the taste. Taking meds with juice or dissolving tablets in a flavoured drink rather than just water can mask the taste.

Questran in particular was mentioned as having a bad taste and texture. As it comes in a powder, one suggestion was to add enough water to make it mouldable and create shapes for kids to eat, to make it a fun task.

How do you remember to take meds each day?

A dossette box or pill organiser is a useful tool to sort out meds at the start of the week. With different sections for days of the week and times of the day, it makes it easy to build medication into the normal family routine.

Reminders can also be helpful, whether it’s an alarm on your phone or the reminder function on the CLDF MyLiver App, which can be used for medication as well as hospital appointments.

pill dispenser

More tips from parents

Keep them in the loop, even when little. If switching from liquid to tablets involve them in the discussion with the consultant, and make sure they know what each med is for.

Some days you might find bribery or a challenge is the only way forward. If they love to prove you wrong, say “I bet you can’t take all of that medicine”!

Make a special pot to keep the medication in – could be out of lego or duplo.

And finally, although it may not work for everyone, Lorraine told us, “When he was small and would not open his mouth his big sister made him laugh, then sat on him!”