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Your tips for packing a hospital bag

Written by CLDF on 27/11/2017 15:16

As a liver family it is likely that at some stage you will have a hospital stay. If you haven't experienced it before, preparing can be daunting. Our community have shared their top tips about what to remember to take with you for a stay in hospital.

Home comforts

A dressing gown and pyjamas are a must, plus ear plugs for a good night’s sleep. Taking your child’s own pillow and blanket helps the bed smell and feel familiar for them, as can a few of their favourite toys. Having some slippers to use just for the ward is useful, so you don’t have to take your shoes on and off all the time if nipping to the toilet or fetching something.


Pack a range of comfy clothes which you can layer, as the temperature on the ward can sometimes vary. Spare underwear can easily be forgotten when you’re packing in a rush!

A phone charger is also useful, and as hands can get dry with all the washing and hand sanitizer, include a nice moisturiser to help with dry skin.

Taking all your child’s medication with you means that it’s all to hand if you need it or there are any questions about it.

Food and drink

Plenty of cereal bars, fruit and other snacks. The middle of the night is bound to be when you get peckish, so a bottle warmer means that you won’t have to run to the kitchen to warm up feeds when everyone else is sleeping, plus a variety of coins for the vending machines!


The days can feel very long when you’re in hospital, so a good book (or two!) and a laptop to keep in touch with family and friends or to watch programmes on.