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Ask your MP to help effect change on organ donation

On Tuesday, 13 December CLDF representatives and families will attend a reception at The House of Commons to encourage MPs and members of the House of Lords to be proactive about organ donation and transplantation.

There are more than 10,000 people in the UK currently needing a transplant.  3 per day will die, as there are not enough organs.

Your support is vital.  We need to encourage MPs to attend the reception, hear the facts and pledge their support.  YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

If you write or email your MP to tell him/her of this event and asking them to attend, they will need to consider carefully as to whether they do so.  The more letters or emails they receive from different constituents, the better.

If you would like to contact your MP, please email CLDF at and we will send you a template letter.

Don’t know who your MP is or how to get in contact?

Go to Put in your postcode and it will give you the name of your MP.  
Alternatively go to and you can go on to send an email.  

It’s over to you.  This is democracy at work…